Sev Garett was born 10/07/1979 in south of France.
Fascinated since she was 5 years old by dance, she learnt ballet, modern ballet and Russian ballet.

She won a lot of differents national and international competitions.
At 18 years old, just graduated, she decided to come to Paris to begin her artistic professional career.
She began as a Russian dancer with the Gayané Dance Company and magician's assistant and choregrapher for the "Felines Magic Show" (with leopards, snakes, wolves, bear). She worked after as a dancer, choregrapher and wardrobe mistress for the musical show "Hey Bop Re Bop Yéyé".
Fascinated by the show, she decided to become a complete artist and she learnt to sing. Her director, Philippe D'Hooge, singer too, gave her a lot of advice on mucical and stage techniques. Her first répertoire is old French songs.
The musical "Hey Bop Re Bop Yéyé" permited her to take the first step as a singer. A duet of this musical was created:"Prestige de la chanson Française".
In 2004, Sev & Phil got maried "for the richer... and the poorer! ". They did a lot of shows together in France and around the world..
At 24 years old , country music turned her life upside down! In love with traditional country music by artists like Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette or Kenny Rogers, she discovered during her trips in Nashville Tennessee a different country who turn Sev on!

2005 & 2007: Sev records 2 CDs of famous country songs. "C'est si facile " & "Heartbreaker"
2008: Sev records her first CD with original songs written & composed by her husband Philippe...
2009: Release of the album "Pas un ange" in January which was successful by radios audiences in France, Germany, Belgium & our Canadian cousins!!!
2010 - 2012: Sev writes and composes her own songs...
2013: Release in February of "Dream Dream Dream" the new album of Sev Garett.

2014: Release in november of "Duets en Duo" the new album of Sev Garett.

2015 25 may , Sev closed her restaurant to take back the road of the show

2015/ 2019: Live, live, live only live! Set off for new adventures in the Canary Islands, Sev performs and exports its Country to hotels in Fuerteventura. The audience from all over Europe embraces his voice and temperament on stage. Her favorite places are the Atlantis resort, the papagayo, the Arena suite, the Jandia Golf, the Tahona Garden, the Playa Park, the Oasis village, the Elba palace golf, the Duna Park, the Arena beach, the Geranios, the Caleta Garden etc...