August 2015 Atlantis Resort Fuerteventura


25 may 2015, Sev closed her restaurant to take back the road of the show


october 2007 at may 2015

Sev sing in his restaurant every friday & saturday night.



"When you tell me that you love me"

with Phil D at the Hula Hop (2015)



We've got tonight with Phil D at the Hula Hop (2014)


November 2014: the album of Sev Garett

"Duets en Duo !"

Click on the picture !


February 2013: the album of Sev Garett

"Dream Dream Dream"

available on

Deezer, Spotify, Amazonmp3, iTunes, ovinokia...


August 2012 Concert mer de sable (60)

little movie of the concert by Peter 95.



May 2012: studio session for the 4th album: "With you"

release for 2013...


31 December 2011 little video for the fun (amateur video)



August 2011 Concert at "Croix du Vieux Pont" Berny Riviere (02)

little video (amateur video)




July 2010: the clip "tu me manques" of Sev Garett! 

June 27 2010: begin of shooting of "tu me manques" clip. Some exclusive pictures on the pictures page, release for September 2010.

Décember 2009: Sev Garett & Phil D (her husband!) animate a radio show country & rock'n'roll on Radio Puisaleine in Oise (France) every monday from 7h30 to 8h30 PM.

The broadcast is called "West 40" specialised country & Rock'n'roll!

August 2009: the clip "Pas un Ange" of Sev Garett !


June 2009: begin of shooting of "pas un ange" clip. Some exclusive pictures on the pictures page, release for September 2009.


15 January 2009: the album of Sev "Pas un ange" is here, listen here.

12 original songs written by Philippe D'HOOGE, recorded at Mareuil's studio with 4 musicians from Country & Rock'n'Roll world.

Philippe Mazzuccato: bass, Thierry Lemaire: drums, Cyrille Bardy: lead guitar, Phil D: guitar& chorus

27 December 2008: here is the clip: "Hendy"

track from the new CD of Sev Garett.



The album "Pas un ange" will be ready in January 2009.

2008 : Sev Garett open her restaurant "le Hula Hop crêperie" where of course country music and rock'n'roll are kings. Have a good times on sixties design with 35 seats. You can listen to Sev Garett from Wednesday to Sunday evening!

The third album of french and american original songs is on preparation. Recorded at the studio of Mareuil with talented musicians, the album "Pas un ange" will be ready in January 2009.

Stage : Sev sings in her restaurant from Wednesday to Sunday evening. A new show with original and standart songs is on preparation for the new album.